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This A Complete Guide to Asbestos Encapsulation and Its Management | AlveoliNet – Asbestos is a dangerous product or product whose management must be done well. This is because there can be health risks that accompany the effects of using asbestos. Based on the Health and Safety Regulations at Workplace 2016, every workplace and other businesses need to adopt asbestos management to maintain employee health from deadly diseases.

In every factory and industry it is likely that asbestos materials will be found that apply various methods such as encapsulation and asbestos removal. It is known at this time, encapsulation has become the most popular choice and is feasible to use because it is cheaper than the removal method.

Asbestos Encapsulation Benefit

Here are some of the benefits of using asbestos encapsulation:

The hazards associated with or related to asbestos are usually avoided by summarizing them.
Has a lower cost in use.
Able to repair and cover parts of open asbestos material.
Making asbestos material last long.
Able to improve overall material appearance.
Free of procedure complexity compared to complete removal.

Because asbestos is a deadly and dangerous material that can cause various health diseases that lead to cancer such as Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, lung cancer etc., so that it requires proper care and treatment to eliminate the risk or impact. This is because there are thousands of industries including shipbuilding for factories and power plants that are exposed to this deadly material and do not get proper handling.

Asbestos Management

Now, to take the right plan for asbestos management, you need to determine the following:

– Discover the possibility of asbestos sites located.
– Consult immediately with the contractor and make sure the contractor follows the proper procedures when doing encapsulation. This is because by interfering, asbestos material can turn out to be unsafe.
– Record each activity when you do encapsulation so you can maintain it better and apply it in the future.
Save documentation or notes related to encapsulation and revise at least once every 5 years.

To Look For When Asbestos Encapsulation

Before you do encapsulation, keep the following things in mind to make sure the activity works well.

– First, you can encapsulate asbestos containing material only if it is strongly attached to the substance.

– Second, always ensure that technical encapsulation is possible. because if the material is in a position that is difficult to encapsulate, you are better off doing the removal process.

– Third, the encapsulation process must have the characteristics of the original asbestos application so you do not need to use other ingredients. General characteristics include thermal or acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

– Finally, make sure that there is no possibility of encapsulated material to gradually absorb and hold water because it will cause asbestos to dry out.

Encapsulation Method

There are various methods that can be done for asbestos encapsulation activities and can suit your needs based on ACM (materials containing asbestos). The following is a list of popular methods that you use in encapsulating asbestos.

Mechanical encapsulation

This method involves using paint or using board and sheet material. Even though it’s easy for you to stick to paint, attach asbestos to the board where you need screws because it can release fibers that can cause it to become critical. However, proper maintenance during the process can eliminate the risk or impact of asbestos.

Penetration or Spray Encapsulation

You can encapsulate fragile asbestos materials with sprays that can easily penetrate the material. Compared to other methods, this method has many advantages because it is very enter into the material so that it can provide a strong, lightweight, and resistant to damage.

Elastomeric layer

This method is quite popular because it is proven to provide protection against materials for 20 years. Liquid encapsulation when applied, provides a uniform layer that provides impact resistance and elasticity to the surface to minimize the adverse effects of the material.

Epoxy Resin

Compared to the others, this method is also one of the most popular encapsulations which includes coatings, composite materials, and adhesives. The sticky property keeps it on the surface giving the highest resistance to asbestos-containing material.

When you go for encapsulation, be sure to check that the contractor takes the necessary steps and follows the technique when encapsulation, because each application requires a different procedure.

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