Definition of Asbestos, Type of Asbestos and Its Dangers

Definition of Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the mineral fibers that occurs naturally and has various abilities such as holding fire, heat and electricity.

Its use is quite diverse but most of it is used for the property industry such as making houses or other buildings.

Although currently its use has been reduced because the government has limited it, but a number of old houses or buildings still contain asbestos.

In health, asbestos is very dangerous especially if in small form and then airs because it will be easy to breathe and then enter the body. And one result is cancer of the Mesothelioma.

Types of Asbestos

The word “asbestos” is actually a general term for all silicate minerals that have similarities including:

– Fire, heat and electricity

– Able to absorb sound

Researchers have divided asbestos into 2 general types, namely:

1. Asbestos Serpentine

Known for its curly fibers and being 95% asbestos sources used today.

2. Asbestos Amfibol

Is a type of asbestos-like needle and is considered more dangerous because it is able to cause Mesothelioma or other diseases.

However, both are quite dangerous and must be avoided by everyone.

In addition to the definition of asbestos, these mineral compounds are also divided into 6 types of asbestos.

1. Actinolite Asbestos

Is a type of Asbestos Amfibol made of magnesium. This type of asbestos is fairly rare and has a white to dark brown color. It is known that this type of asbestos is found in metamorphic rocks and can cause cancer of the mesothelioma.

2. Amos Asbesto

This type of asbestos is often used and has a brown color. Generally used as insulation in factories and buildings.

Also used for acoustic and anti-condensing materials. It is known that this type of asbestos is no longer mined considering that it has been banned by most countries.

3. Asbestos Anthophyllite

Just like Asbestos Amos, this type of asbestos is brown and is a combination of iron and magnesium minerals.

Asbestos Anthophyllite is found in many powder and can cause respiratory problems. Because of its rarity, this type of asbestosis can only be found in cement products and insulating materials.

4. Chrysotile Asbestos

This type of asbestos is still widely used and is still being mined and used in developed countries. One of them is America and Canada which are used for building materials. In addition, this type of asbestos is also widely used on US navy ships during World War II and Korean war.

5. Asbestos Crocidolite

With a long, sharp and straight natural form, this type of asbestos is rarely used. Asbestos Crocidolite has a blue color and is more brittle and easily broken.

6. Tremolite Asbestos

Is part of asbestos Amfibol, this type of asbestos is known to be malignant and a cause of mesothelioma. Generally have off white to dark green colors. Many are found in vermiculite deposits and can cause death.

Why Is Asbestos Very Dangerous?

Asbestos has a character that easily becomes air and is inhaled by humans. These dangerous particles will then stick to the lung tissue and the respiratory system area. Over time, the fiber then causes scar tissue and turns into a tumor.

According to the medical, it takes 10-50 years for asbestos fibers to become tumors so that doctors find it difficult to diagnose at an early stage.

Some diseases arising from asbestos.
1. Mesothelioma: This type of cancer will settle in the lung tissue and other tissues.

2. Lung Cancer: Although this cancer is commonly caused by smoking and radon radiation, exposure to asbestos will worsen lung cancer.

3. Asbestosis: Is a degenerative respiratory condition due to the formation of scar tissue plaques in the lungs and cause mesothelioma cancer.

Those are some things about the definition of asbestos, the type and the danger that it causes.

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